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VAF Research

VAF Signature i91 MKIII Bookshelf Speakers

VAF Signature i91 MKIII Bookshelf Speakers

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VAF Signature i91 MKIII Bookshelf Speakers


Made by hand in our own manufacturing facility in Adelaide, every speaker is taken through an extensive process only begun when you order. Your speaker, uniquely made for you.

  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • 30 Day Home Trial
  • Ships Worldwide

All speakers are built to order with an approx 12 week wait time.


VAF Signature loudspeakers are the culmination of one of the most intensive electro-acoustic research programs ever undertaken in Australia for consumer loudspeakers. They represent the state-of-the-art in production moving coil loudspeaker technology. The Signature i91 employs the same design values as its larger siblings. Only the best components have been selected, and have been applied using the most sophisticated design techniques currently known.

The Signature i91 provides a level of accuracy and performance not seen in any other loudspeaker at their size or price. The reproduction accuracy of the i91 ensures superb transparency, detail, imaging, and sound staging to deliver an amazingly life-like performance. The accuracy and dynamic capability of this speaker contribute significantly to its realistic reproduction of all musical genres.

Uniformity of process across the entire VAF Signature Series ensures that other VAF Signature models can be used in harmony with the VAF Signature i91. Optimised internal damping is provided by VAF’s own advanced HyperSoft material, to effectively eliminate internal cabinet reflections and standing waves.

An obvious and integral design feature on every VAF loudspeaker is natural, acoustically absorbent fibre treatments. These are fitted around each tweeter to accurately control dispersion and effectively eliminate diffraction effects. 

Manufactured from only first grade MDF up to 36mm thick, cabinet construction is highly detailed. Precisely mitred joints and substantial internal cross-bracing characterise the superior quality of these loudspeakers.


  • Frequency Range 45Hz ~ 18kHz
  • Frequency Response 50Hz ~ 18kHz
  • Phase Response ±15° (100Hz ~ 20kHz)
  • Impedance 6 ohms (nominal)
  • Sensitivity 90dB (2.83V / 1m)
  • Amplifier Power up to 150W
  • Dimensions 360mm (D) × 220mm (W) × 440mm (H)
  • Weight 15kg (Net) each
  • Finishes American Cherry, Australian Jarrah, Black Oak, Piano Black, Piano Palisander, Tasmanian Blackwood.


Time alignment is achieved by stepping the various drivers (Woofers, Tweeters and Midranges) on the front of the speaker so that the acoustic centres are the same distance from a listener. For this to be effective, a special kind of electrical crossover must also be used. All VAF loudspeakers are time aligned.


VAF engineer the power response of all its loudspeakers to radiate sound as evenly as is possible for each model. In this way the proportion of bass, mid and treble in the direct sound correlates more closely with the proportion of bass, mid and treble in the reflected sound and the listeners brain can correlate the two, making the speakers less affected by a room's acoustics and easier to place in a room.


All speakers take a moment to stop making sound (decay). The faster a speaker stops making sound, the less that sound ‘blankets’ sound which follow it. The more evenly the bass, mid and treble decay the more consistent the ‘pitch’ of the speaker. VAF loudspeakers are among the very few in the world that engineer for fast and even decay in all its incarnations. This includes diffraction, cabinet resonances, internal cabinet sound reflections, stored energy in electrical crossovers


As no driver is perfect, good crossovers also equalise and shape the response of each driver as well as the overall response of the speaker. VAF use a particular type of design approach which minimises the unnecessary stored energy in crossovers, and as a result produces a purer and natural sound than conventional crossovers.


VAF have performed exhaustive testing to find the most effective damping materials. This generation of Hypersoft offers the best performance yet. Accurate placement within each cabinet ensures maximum attenuation of any internal standing waves.

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