Did you Know?

Founded in 1978 by serial entrepreneur Philip Vafiadis, VAF started and grew into an incredibly proud industry stalwart.

VAF Research is an Australian private company and we continue to create, design and build great speakers.

The majority of our sales are our own VAF branded loudspeakers and subwoofers designed on very specific and uncommon design philosophy, ensuring more natural and accurate sound reproduction.

Tens of thousands of individual owners in Australia and around the world use our loudspeakers in their stereo and home theatre systems.

Alongside these many individual owners, VAF loudspeakers have been used by The Conservatory of Music (Elder Hall), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Microsoft, School of Audio Engineering, Telstra, Kojo Productions, Parliament House Canberra, the worlds largest electro-acoustic system at the time at Adelaide Festival Centre and other significant projects and clients.

With our Global Head Quarters located in Adelaide, we offer specialised service with a team of great people who really love our products, and are passionate about you having the best listening experience possible.


Philip Vafiadis

VAF Research was Founded in 1978 by entrepreneur Philip Vafiadis.

VAF Research | 1980's

We Built for Other Brands

Along with manufacturing our own branded speakers, VAF Research started building speakers and parts for world class brands including Sony, Dynaudio, Jamo, Dali, Duntech, and more. 

VAF Research | 1998

Adelaide Festival Centre

1998: VAF was selected by the Adelaide Festival Centre for what was then the world’s largest electro-acoustic system, featuring 300 loudspeakers.

VAF Research | 2003

Parliament House Canberra

VAF Research had the honour of designing and building speakers for the Senate Chamber of Parliament House, Canberra.