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Press Release - VAF Research
-08 May 2013

The lowest distortion, highest output, lowest compression subwoofer we have ever made, is how VAF describe their new flagship subwoofer.

Upgrade Path for DC-xG4 and G4MKII to DC-X35
-06 Apr 2013

OPPO BD-93 Now Available For Pre-Order from VAF
-29 Dec 2010

The amazing OPPO BD-93 Universal Network 3D Bluray Disc player, available for pre order now.

Soundwall Installaltion Product of the Year 2011
-01 Dec 2010

Sound & Image Award Winner 2011 Custom Product Installation of the Year 2011 Vaf Soundwall

Vaf Newsletter 2010
-01 Nov 2010

Sydney HiFi - Soundwall Reseller
-16 Nov 2009

Vaf would like to welcome Sydney Hifi as Reseller of Vaf Soundwall. Please visit Sydney Hifi for complete demonstration of the Soundwall, seeing is believing.

Oppo Bluray Player
-19 Oct 2009

The only Blueray, DVD, CD player you will ever need now at VAF.

David Leisk Electronics
-27 Sep 2009

Vaf would like to welcome David Leisk Electronics as Reseller of Vaf Soundwall and MPB subwoofers.

Signature i93 Mk II
-16 Sep 2009

We have made substantial revisions to our already acclaimed flagship loadspeakers. With revised baffles and accoustic treatments, a new hi-tech magnesium based tweeter, revised internal geometry, and a totally new crossover design.

Vaf supports Stereo Net
-02 Sep 2009

Vaf are proud to support the Stereo Net community and give a litte back to the members who have supported us over the years. You may visit Stereo Net Australia at

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