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Stereo Buyers Guide - Speakers & Amplifiers 1993 Electronics Australia May 1995 Electronics Australia Jan 1997 Australian Hi-Fi September 1999 Australian Hi-Fi Novenber 1999 Sound & Image Nov 1999 Best Buys Home Theatre 1999-2000 Electronics Australia Jan 2000
Sound & Image Nov 2000 Home Cinema & HiFi 2000 Best Buys Home Theatre 2000 Which Home Theatre 2000-2001 Best Buys Home Theatre 2000-2001 Austrailan T3 Jun 2001 Sound & Image Oct 2001 DVD Now Nov 2001
Australian HiFi Nov 2001 Best Buys Home Theatre 2001 Business Focus Mar 2002 DVD Now Mar 2002 Best Buys Home Theatre Summer 2002 Best Buys Home Theatre Winter 2002 Business Life Feb 2003 Australian HiFi Sep 2004
Sound & Image Nov 2004 Home Entertainment Buyers Guide Sound & Image Jul 2004 Sound & Image Sep 2004 Sound & Image Oct 2004 Australian HiFi Nov 2004 Home Cinema & HiFi 2004 Australian HiFi Jan 2005
Sound & Image Jan 2005 Sound & Image Feb 2005 Australian HiFi Mar 2005 Sound & Image Apr 2005 Sound & Image May 2005 Australian HiFi May 2005 Sound & Image Jun 2005 Sound & Image Oct 2005
Australian HiFi Oct 2005 Best Buys Home Theatre Summer 2005 Best Buys Home Theatre Winter 2005  


"VAF has an unparalleled research and development base. Scientific methodology is applied to verifying the accuracy of all VAF products. Very few manufacturers publish for all their loudspeakers. For that matter, very few would want to put their data up against the performance of VAF loudspeakers"     Australian Hi-Fi

"The SoundWall sounded - on an absolute scale - excellent. When the location was considered - speaker panels hard up against a wall - it sounded unbelievable"       Sound and Image

"What a revelation to hear a spectrally matched properly balanced surround system - just fantastic! This is the future of home hifi and it's here now!"        Electronics Australia 

"The bass response is huge - full, but not flabby. The aforementioned cello was delivered in glorious detail, with harmonics and timbral details almost completely intact. This was so impressive we reached for CDs with deeper instruments"        Sound and Image

"The ultimate in high fidelity performance with the best bass in the world"      Rolling Stone

"We get to hear lots of speakers in this business and the fact is we have yet to hear another system that sounds as good as this one, and very few that even come close"      Best Buys Home Theatre

"They are the best speakers I have ever heard"      DVD Now

"Insanely accurate...experience a better auditory perspective on the music you listen to than the original musicians, engineers and producers of that music"      Sound and Image Magazine

"Sometimes first impressions are the best, and our first impressions of the Signature I-66 was that they were simply fabulous loudspeakers"      Australian Hi-Fi

"A stunning soundstage which is wonderfully insightful and involving. Large scale orchestral works have a level of depth and accuracy that only the best loudspeakers can manage"      Home Theatre

"Superbly accurate...the Bass end of the I-66 speakers is in a different league"      Best Buys Home Theatre

"They sound like much larger speakers than they are...It is difficult to convey how good this system is. Think of the I-91 as amongst the very best compact speakers in the world"      Best Buys Home Theatre

"The I-91 speakers were an instant winner with our listening panel...surround sound staging was completely flawless. Switching to direct stereo mode was a wide range of music, a pair of the I-91 speakers showed a perfect sound stage, with significant fore/aft and up/down acoustic cues. Further, the sound was superbly balanced and, with classical music, wonderfully sweet. Bass performance was simply excellent, belying the enclosure size"      Home Cinema & Hi-Fi Living

"There are dimensions to a speaker's sound which are very hard to reduce to numbers. One such is detail. This is the ability of a speaker to deliver tiny variations amidst all hell breaking loose. It is here that these speakers excel...everything in the signal is translated to audible sound"      DVD Now

"A new benchmark in excellence in every criteria...innovation, design, finish and construction"      Best Buys Home Theatre

"Sound quality to die for"      Rolling Stone Magazine

"These speakers bring out the very best of the very best surround and stereo mixes...this accuracy also meanst that all details that you are supposed to hear are there in a way matched by few, if any, other speakers"      DVD Now

"This is superlative home theatre performance! This set of five speakers is extraordinarily well integrated"      Home Theatre

"We were able to achieve ridiculously loud levels, verging on the ear-damaging, without reducing the clarity of the speakers at all"      Sound and Image

"That's a problem that has eluded the best loudspeaker designers in the world for almost as long as the moving coil loudspeaker has been around, but I guess that's what 'thinking big' is all about!"       Australian Hi-Fi

"It is difficult to convey how good this system is. Think of the I-91 speakers as amongst the very best compact speakers in the world, the LFE-07 as amongst the best value subwoofers"      Home Theatre

"Perhaps the most amazing thing about the VAF DC series of speakers, and the LFE-07 subwoofer, is their price. We have heard systems at double these prices that could not match what this Australian company's products can produce"      Home Theatre

"Very impressive in terms of their performance/price ratio"      Electronics Australia

"VAF is successful because, across the board, its products perform exceptionally well; none better than the Signature I-93, the top-line beast in the VAF range"      Australian T3

"VAF can deliver the goods with movie soundtracks, the best movie to try is Jurassic Park with the ubiquitous T-Rex footsteps. For music, try anything you like - the LFE 07 performs equally well with orchestral, jazz, hard rock, name it"    Sound and Image

"With attractive yet compact coaxial satellites, and one of the best small subs in the world, this system delivers perfect home theatre sound"     Sound and Image

"...from the audio her voice sounded like it was coming from just over our left shoulder. It was so well-focused, hovering in the air at that point, that for half a second one of the panel thought that one of the aforementioned ankle-biters had creeped up behind him"    Home Theatre

"If they can handle this, they can handle can be absolutely certain of getting a pair of great sounding loudspeakers"    Australian Hi-Fi

"The stereo performance was excellent, with a super-smooth midrange and treble clearly revealing every little thing recorded on a CD"     DVD Now

"It was not for no reason that the VAF DC-X loudspeakers won this year's Sound and Image 'Loudspeaker Of The Year $1,000-$2,999' Award, and they just got better"    Home Cinema and Hi-Fi Living

"The DC-X Gen IV has bass that's perfectly balanced and tonally realistic, but is delivered in such a way that it simply seems much more 'powerful', as if it's an unstoppable force rather than just 'bass' "     Sound and Image

"The big VAFs deliver a stunning soundstage which is wonderfully insightful and involving...If such a subjective thing as a hi-fi report card did exist in the industry, then VAF Research would pass with a high distinction"     Which? Home Theatre

They're endowed with the kind of deep bass slam that makes prefabricated walls shudder in terror, fused with awesome dynamic power"     Which? Loudspeakers

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